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    Nihon Technology is one of the Asprova Certified Distributor.

    Asprova (Advance Planning and Scheduling) Software empowers you to achieve your business goals and increase company profit through the following core benefits:

    • Visual management.
    • Inventory reduction.
    • Lead time reduction.
    • Increased throughput.
    • Improved customer service.

  • TechnologyOpen or Close

    Asprova has more modules for the customer’s comfortability. They are:

    Planner’s Module

    • APS:Advance planning and scheduling system
    • MS:Manufacturing scheduler
    • MS Light:Manufacturing scheduler Light
    • MRP:Material requirements planning

    Operator’s Module

    • MES:Manufacturing Execution system (Viewing, Inputting of results)

    Designer’s Module

    • BOM:Bill of material

    NLS: Network license server

    Centralize the management of module licenses.

    DS: Data server

    Share the scheduled data.

    Asprova has more functionality. They are:

    • GUI.
    • Result Input.
    • Master Editor.
    • MRP.
    • Finite scheduling.
    • Scheduling command.
    • Auto-Replication.
    • Sub resource.
    • Operation split.
    • Branching process.
    • Sales.
    • Purchase.
    • KPI.
    • Optimization.
    • Time constrains.
    • Resource lock.
    • Event.

    Modules & Functions:

    Production planning chart of an example organization in Asprova

    Example Integration Master Editor Table & Graphical master table of the process.

    Few tables displayed in same screen.

    ERP to Asprova Integration

    Example of Data Input & Output Table and Field Mapping Table.

  • Why NTPL ?Open or Close

    Dedicated offshore Asprova Team especially for Indian Customers.

    Asprova trained and certified Team in Chennai office.

    10+ years of experience working with Japanese partner.

    Global field support in India.