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  • Asprova(High Speed Scheduling)

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      Nihon Technology is one of the Asprova Certified Distributor.

      Asprova (Advance Planning and Scheduling) Software empowers you to achieve your business goals and increase company profit through the following core benefits:

      • Visual management.
      • Inventory reduction.
      • Lead time reduction.
      • Increased throughput.
      • Improved customer service.

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      Asprova has more modules for the customer’s comfortability. They are:

      Planner’s Module

      • APS:Advance planning and scheduling system
      • MS:Manufacturing scheduler
      • MS Light:Manufacturing scheduler Light
      • MRP:Material requirements planning

      Operator’s Module

      • MES:Manufacturing Execution system (Viewing, Inputting of results)

      Designer’s Module

      • BOM:Bill of material

      NLS: Network license server

      Centralize the management of module licenses.

      DS: Data server

      Share the scheduled data.

      Asprova has more functionality. They are:

      • GUI.
      • Result Input.
      • Master Editor.
      • MRP.
      • Finite scheduling.
      • Scheduling command.
      • Auto-Replication.
      • Sub resource.
      • Operation split.
      • Branching process.
      • Sales.
      • Purchase.
      • KPI.
      • Optimization.
      • Time constrains.
      • Resource lock.
      • Event.

      Modules & Functions:

      Production planning chart of an example organization in Asprova

      Example Integration Master Editor Table & Graphical master table of the process.

      Few tables displayed in same screen.

      ERP to Asprova Integration

      Example of Data Input & Output Table and Field Mapping Table.

    • Why NTPL ?Open or Close

      Dedicated offshore Asprova Team especially for Indian Customers.

      Asprova trained and certified Team in Chennai office.

      10+ years of experience working with Japanese partner.

      Global field support in India.

    • Hitphams(MES)

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      Nihon Technology is the HITPHAMS implementation partner.

      HITPHAMS is the Hitachi manufacturing execution system for pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is a software package that systematizes all processes ranging from the process for manufacturing stock pharmaceuticals to the pharmaceutical production process.

      The system exercises strict control over the production of high-quality, highly reliable pharmaceuticals centering on the control of manufacturing instructions and manufacturing result records as designed for pharmaceuticals.

    • HITPHAMS - MES BENEFITSOpen or Close


      • Compliance with latest global GMP guidelines.
      • Strict SOP sequence implementation.
      • Deviation management.
      • Timely intervention and corrective action.
      • Access Controls.
      • Data ready at click of a button to meet surprise inspections.


      • Improves the efficiency of making records, especially the recording of analytical data.
      • Reduce the risk of human error and minimize rework costs.
      • GMP requirement of Double check is achieved.


      • Improves the efficiency of administrative process.
        GMP requirement -> Administrator must review every single record of manufacturing process. (100 to 200 records per batch)
      • Tracking and Traceability is ensured.
      • Staff training is easier to implement as step by step SOP available on screen.
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      Promoting task accuracy

      With a procedure established in SOP, you can collect online data automatically and repeat manual work for confirmation. The control of work records prevents omissions in manufacturing records and transcription errors.

      Promoting online and paperless operations

      The system realizes a continuous flow including the preparation, approval and issuance of manufacturing instructions by online operation from terminals. Manufacturing instructions and records prepared can be digitized to make the workplace paperless.

      Coping smoothly with changes in work

      End-users can register SOPs and define forms to cope smoothly with changes in operation styles due to the production of new pharmaceuticals and other reasons.

      Providing an optimal system according to the scale

      We provide a wide range of systems ranging from standalone systems to integrated control systems linked with key systems. In response to diverse implementation needs, we are ready to provide an optimal system that matches the scale of the site.

      Coping flexibly with changes in the system environment

      A client terminal can run several versions of Windows ®, thus making it possible to cope flexibly with terminal add-ons, server replacement, and similar changes.

    • Our Responsibilities & Capabilities Open or Close

      • End to End Implementation.
      • End user Training.
      • AMC.
      • Answering Customer Quires (Operational Support).
      • Audit Support.
      • Involving Product Addon Development.

    • Belladati(Analytics)

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      Nihon Technology recognizes the importance of data and analytics with business models moving from traditional set-up to evolving new models driven by SMAC.

      Nihon has created Analytics Practice with a view to (a) Expand the service offerings to customers (b) Capitalize on the exploding business opportunities in Analytics space (c) Provide value add to existing customers through proactive analytics POC/solutions.

      Nihon Technology’s Senior Management consists of professionals who understands the importance of data in business strategy, operations and governance based on their experience from across the industries such as Banks, Pharma, Manufacturing etc.

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      BellaDati Advanced Analytics Solution

      • Banking, securities, insurance companies
      • Retail – Consumer packeged goods – E-commerce
      • Education - Libraries, Universities, High-schools
      • Logistics, shipping…
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      Nihon-BellaDati Partnership

      • Nihon has partnered with Data analytics product firm – BellaDati.
      • Nihon is a Re-seller and implementation partner for BellaDati in India, Japan and other Asia Pacific countries.
      • Partnership paves the way for providing best-in-class & cost effective Analytics solutions to its customers.
      • Nihon has created/proposed several use cases for different business verticals that can be implemented using BellaDati Platform.
      • Executed Proof of Concepts to demonstrate the power of analytics, understanding of the business and capability to deliver analytics solutions.

      Product Overview:

      BellaDati is a software-as-a-Service analytics dashboard for everyone within an organization.

      Key features includes:

      • Enhanced Data visualization.
      • Real-time notifications.
      • Readily available data connectors on multiple data sources.
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