About Us

What we do
Assisting Japanese companies in global business through IT and globalization support offerings.
Our Vision
Nihon Technology will build value for our customers through innovativeness, technology and talent which will in turn enhance value for our employees and stakeholders.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to be a leading software enterprise consistently exceeding our customer's expectations by way of providing top-notch IT solutions and services to the second largest IT market, Japan. We aspire to learn from our customers, in order to improve our quality process, products and services.

CEO Says


Hello, and welcome to the Nihon Technology website. We are a niche IT Services Organization focused on Japanese customers globally.

It is exciting yet challenging times at Nihon Technology as we reorganize for growth amidst rapid technological advancements and innovations contrasted by changing economic landscapes and talent demographics.

The Nihon Technology team has a very long association with the Japanese market and over the years we have created several high-quality offerings such as creation of bilingual IT talent for the Japanese customers, provisioning of high quality rollout and application maintenance services in enterprise solutions such as SAP and SAP/Hybris, development, delivery and maintenance of open source and mobile applications and analytics solutions, management of 24X7 cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure support and helpdesk services, and doing a raft of translations, globalization trainings, and consulting services.

Our recent addition of channel and implementation partnership services to help Japanese firms expanding globally, have helped us extend our geographical presence into Germany and parts of Asia. Nihon Technology has also expanded into the banking and financial services sector, one of the most dynamic in the world, apart from the manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industries.

Today, the need to modify and adapt is continuous and at Nihon Technology we appreciate this opportunity as we believe it brings out the best in us. We look forward to being your partner as you take advantage of the Nihon Technology services and we promise to strive hard and roll out technologies that enhances customer experiences and accelerates time-to-market while lowering build-out costs.

Thank you for visiting the Nihon Technology website and do feel free to contact me at krish@nihontechnology.com anytime for assistance or to provide any feedback.

Krishnan Narayanan