Application Development & Support Services



Our integrated business unit provides advanced solutions and services in .Net, J2EE, PowerBuilder, C, C++ and other open source technology for Japanese customers.

Nihon Technology has been working on solutions for leading manufacturers and system integrators in Japan. Our rich experience in local practices coupled with a dedicated team of professionals has contributed to the successful execution of projects. These include solutions for multi-function printer automation, .Net/Power builder/JAVA migration, Retail, SCM and travel solutions in multi-tier architectures. NTPL is well versed in creating automated tools to ease the development work.



In line with the rapidly growing technology and emerging architecture, our IBU has been implementing many .Net and J2EE projects in client/server, and multi-tier technologies.


The vast expertise of our embedded team has helped the IBU provide effective MFP-related solutions for leading MFP brands in Japan and around the world. IBU has also implemented Kiosks solutions for a leading electric company in Japan.


Having successfully implemented VB6.0 to VB.Net 4.5(VS 2012), Sybase Power Builder 7 to 11 and VC++6.0 to VC++ 2012 in the recent past, our IBU has capability to take on similar assignments across platforms.


  • Microsoft Technologies (.Net, VB, VC++,).
  • J2EE Technologies with commanding skills in frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate) with mostly used design patterns (Factory, MVC.) and architectures (RESTful).
  • Web skills HTML, CSS.
  • Database skills Oracle, MS Sql server, MYSql, PostGreSql, DB2e.
  • Sybase PowerBuilder 11.5, Info maker 11.5, SQL Anywhere 9.0.
  • Script Skills (Perl, PHP, Java Script, Ruby.)
  • Assembler Skill Z80, 68000.
  • Embedded Skills (C, C++, VC++, Python, VXworks.)
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, Montavista Embedded Linux.)
  • Real Time Operating Systems (VxWorks, pSOS, Win CE, iTRON, RT-Linux, iRMX.)
  • Processors (Power PC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, MIPS, 8051, ARM, Blackfin 533.)
  • Networking & Protocols (TCP/IP, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, CAN, J1939, LDAP, SSL.)
  • Device Drivers (Linux, WinCE.)

Why NTPL ?

Majority of the staff in Nihon technology are bilingual, with experience of having worked in Japan or with native Japanese. The mid and senior management has extensive experience in executing Japanese projects, besides being well acquainted with Japanese culture and tradition.

The Integrated Business Unit has native Japanese member in senior management, as a delivery head.

Track Record

  • Sales automation for a Japanese company; implementation in Japan and other countries.
  • Sales automation using handy terminals for BAITENS in Japanese railway stations.
  • Development of a reservation system for a major travel bureau in Japan (an application for care centers in Japan)
  • Development of an application, which includes contract, invoice, salary and timesheet modules, for a major placement company in Japan.
  • Order processing system in emerging web technologies of .Net & J2EE with RESTful architecture for a global leading optical company based in Japan (ongoing)
  • Various projects for a leading printer/MFP manufacturer (ongoing)
  • Building of a control system using various sensors.
  • Image processing.


NTPL's Mobile Solutions unit provides utility apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry Mobile devices.


  • Java
  • Android OS
  • SQLite
  • Xcode 4
  • Object c
  • Mac os
  • Ecilipse

Why NTPL ?

We along with our mobile partner team can provide several ready-made solutions for quick deployment.

We can provide testing services on several environments.

Track Record

  • Share trading application
  • Catalogs for shopping
  • E-Learning
  • Banking application
  • VOIP application