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  • Blockchain is revolutionizing the world of information technology, and Nihon Technology is ahead of the race by developing proof of concept and demonstrating potential changes to your business.
  • Below is the diagram of blockchain technology vs. conventional technology.
  • Traditional_Methods

    Network members retain their ledger and other records.

    Demerits: Expensive, inefficient, fragile, etc.

    Members of the network can share transaction records. Everyone has a copy of the ledger.

    Merits: Economical, efficient, less fragile.

  • Nihon Technology has developed a popular blockchain technology platform and the relevant technical skills needed to develop applications.


  • Development of use cases for using blockchain
  • Solution conceptualization
  • Specification of Solution architecture and design-core components of the blockchain platform
  • Recommendations on choosing the right platform for a given use case and industry
  • Development of proof of concept for using blockchain technology
  • Design, development and deployment of applications using blockchain technology
  • Blockchain-Training & Project Case Study

Platform/Technical competency:

  • Multichain, Hyper ledger Fabric, Ethereum
  • Golang, Angular JS, Node JS, Express JS, C++, Java

Project/ POC

  • E-Certification-Project
  • Cross Border Money Transfer-POC
  • Insurance (claim process) - POC conceptualization
  • Discounted bill - POC conceptualization
  • Trade/ Trade Finance-POC Conceptualization
  • E-Procurement-Conceptualization


Nihon Technology recognizes the importance of data and analysis of business models moving from traditional set-up to new and evolving models driven by SMAC.

Nihon Technology creates the analytics practice considering the following points. (a) Expand service provision to customers (b) Capitalize huge business opportunities in the analytics space (c) Providing added value to existing customers with proactive analytics POC/Solutions.

Nihon Technology's senior management team consists of experts who has extensive experience in banking, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, and they understand the importance of data in business strategy, operations and governance.



  • Banks, securities, insurance companies
  • Retail-Consumer Packaged Goods-E-Commerce
  • Education-Library, university, high school
  • Logistics, shipping
Belladati Why

Our Projects

Use Cases

Use case 1: ATM Analytics

Data-driven strategies of the banks to deliver more value to current customers are:

  • Understand the working conditions of customers by location.
  • Making the decision on mounting the better ATM.
  • Perform real-time monitoring of ATM availability and issues.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Accelerating the reporting cycle.
Analysing Failure
Analysing Volumes

Use case 2: Infrastructure Analytics

Infrastructure support covers multiple systems and networks with various points of potential failure. Organizations are struggling to integrate reports and alerts from various sources into central enterprise-wide dashboards for effective management and reporting.

Nihon Technology implements an analytical solution that integrates and tracks key performance indicators from various source systems. Further, allows users and administrators to access central dashboards with two levels of context-sensitive drilldown, as necessary.

Infrastructure Analytics
Infrastructure Analytics
Infrastructure Analytics
Infrastructure Analytics