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NTPL is a leader in the field of linguistic solutions, offering high-quality and professional services in the form of translation, interpretation and localization. Apart from bilingual engineers, we have a number of qualified and experienced translators and interpreters as part of our team in JCC (Japan Competency Center). This team, headed by a veteran in this field, not only acts as the language support arm of our technical projects, but also independently handles translation, interpretation and localization projects from Japanese to English and vice versa.


  • Information technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • SAP
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Marketing
  • Other engineering domains

Over the years, our satisfied client base that includes Japanese majors and Indian companies doing business with Japan continues to grow.

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  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Localization



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Why NTPL ?

We take pride in our team, which comprises highly skilled, experienced and qualified language experts. Our JCC division is headed by a veteran with more than 12 years' experience in the industry.

Being a company that focuses mainly on Japanese clients, we assure the following

  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Reliability

Having executed a number of projects across many domains, we possess the capability and maturity to handle projects of varying sizes and nature.

Track Record

Industry Type of documents Type of translation
Mobile technology Specification and design manuals Japanese>English
Cloud computing Primer English>Japanese
Retail Reports, screens, templates,POS settings, master data Japanese>English
Corporate/General Miscellaneous PowerPoint presentation files Japanese>English
SAP Operation manual Japanese>English
SAP User manuals Japanese>English
General Project plan (in PowerPoint) for East Japan great earthquake revival support Japanese>English
IT (Application development) Function definition documents Japanese>English
IT(Application development) Operation manual, specification,user manual etc. Japanese>English
IT (Application development) Test specification, test cases, reports English>Japanese
Manufacturing Operations manual Japanese>English
Manufacturing Specification, drawings and design manuals Japanese>English
Optical imaging Miscellaneous specification documents Japanese>English
Environmental research Test specification Japanese>English